Barbadillo Palo Cortado Obispo Gascón

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  • Variety: Palomino Fino. Appearance: Clear, opaque gold in color. Nose: Clean, with a pronounced bouquet. Mixed, roasted nuts & elegant toast with ginger notes. Palate: Full-bodied. Very dry, with walnut & iodine flavors. Savory & concentrated. Rich, with spiciness. Richer than an Amontillado, retaining its salinity & tangy, citrus qualities. Vinification: Originates as a manzanilla and averages 20 years in solera. This wine is bottled from the fifth criadera of an old Palo Cortado solera, with a total of 8 criaderas. From a family-owned bodega over a hundred years old, with 500 hectares of estate owned vineyards in upper Jerez. Recommended Food Pairing: Jamón.
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