Gurutzeta Sagardoa

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  • Varieites: A blend of indigenous apple varieties. Appearance: Hazy, golden yellow colored. Nose: Clean. Medium intense. Aromas of green apple. Palate: Dry. Light-bodied. Tart, yet refreshing with slightly earthy, sour notes. Vinification: Unfiltered, unpasteurized cider with its natural yeast sediment. Produced in Astrigarraga, the center of Basque cider production, from local varieties of apples. Recommended Food Pairing: Pair with traditional pinchos.
  • Alcohol by Volume (%)6%
    DenominaciónAsociación de Sidra Natural de Gipuzkoa
    VinificationFermentado en Barrica
    ProducerSidreria Gurutzeta
    Size750 ml
    Style/TypeSidra Natural (Tradicional)

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