Mas Candí Ovella Negra

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  • Variety: 100% Garnatxa Blanca. 

     Appearance: Bright and clear yellow hued. 

    Nose: Somewhat complex nose - with hints of tropical and stone fruit. 

    Palate: Dry, but with some softness in the middle. A touch of nice acidity, some minerality and again the stone fruit. Nice structure, fresh and long aftertaste. 

    Vinification: They have only 226 vines, which are over 60 years of age (vineyard La Salada). Due to the difficulties growing this particular variety and the challenges it posed to make a good wine, the name Black Sheep, Ovella Negra, came about! Now they make 500 bottles! 

    Recommended Food Pairing: Have this with a Catalan Fideuà with mussels and squid.

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