Toro Albalá Don Pedro Ximénez Convento Selección 1929

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  • Variety: Pedro Ximénez. Appearance: Clear. Brown, mahogany colored. Nose: Clean. A pronounced bouquet with marzipan, espresso beans & tobacco leaf notes. Palate: Full-bodied, dense & concentrated. Rich & sweet. Starts with flavors of dark chocolate & opens up to reveal honey & plum notes. Vinification: Aged 85 years in American oak barrels as a single vintage, as opposed to the solera process, until being bottled in 2014. Has 500 grams of residual sugar per liter. Recommended Food Pairing: Blue cheese or chocolate.
  • Alcohol by Volume (%)18%
    DenominaciónDO Montilla-Moriles
    ProducerToro Albalá
    VarietiesPedro Ximénez
    Size750 ml

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