Bodegas Alonso " 1/15 Amontillado"


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  • One of the most mind-bending Sherries on the market to date. What started as a real estate venture in Andalucia between 2 friends ended up unearthing a virtual pandora's box of long-forgotten treasure. The building that these friends found was a long abandoned aging Bodega in Jerez that still had abandoned barrels of an Amontillado solera from Gaspar Florido.

    Upon tasting these casks, which had been aging undisturbed for the past 30-40 years, they knew they had something out of this world. One of the most racy, saline, bright and umami-consuming Amontillados in the world. The color is a darker hazelnut hue. There is so much energy in this Sherry, it's almost like putting your toe in an electrical socket! A finish that goes on and on.

    1/15 relates to the number of barrels they found in the Bodega, and when this wine is gone, its gone! Only around 700 bottles. Sip this with lightly seared waygu beef, or a mushroom and duck confit. An incredible experience for anyone lucky enough to get their lips on it.
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