Gutiérrez Colosia Amontillado 750ml

  • Variety: Palomino Fino.

    Appearance: Clear. Amber.

    Nose: Clean. Pronounced. Rich, warm & nutty yet reminiscent of its maritime home; fresh & focused.

    Palate: Dry. Full-bodied. Round notes of salted caramel, honey & almonds. Creamy on the palate, warm & nutty with low acidity & a subtly perceptible tanginess. Hazelnuts, almonds & honeyed peanuts flavors.

    Vinification: Aged 3 years under flor & another 5 years in an oxidative phase. The bodega is located on the banks of the Guadalete River, in Puerto de Santa Maira, giving it a uniquely humid microclimate.

    Recommended Food Pairing: Sautéed mushrooms.
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