Pomarina Brut Sidra Espumoso

  • Varieties: Apples: De la Riega, Raxao, Verdialona, Regona and Durona de Tresali.

    Appearance: Straw golden hued.

    Nose: Fresh apple aromas with a hint of citrus and yeasty notes.

    Palate: French style sparkling cider is medium dry, with small precise bubbles. Sourness up front, sweetness and then a lingering drier finish as the taste goes on.

    Vinification: Fermented at cool temperatures to preserve the freshness. Remains on the lees for 2 months to gain greater complexity. Undergoes secondary fermentation in a pressurized tank to allow for the carbonation to be natural. Only 3,000 cases produced.

    Recommended Food Pairing: Cheeses, fish, shellfish, sweet pork, sour pork and green salads.
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