Cume Do Avia "Dos Canotos" Brancellao 2018

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We love a crazy idea that makes some magic! And that is just why we love the wines from the brothers behind Cume do Avia. After inheriting land from their grandparents they went off to explore planting 13 different grape varietals on terraced plots of various types of granite. The farming is certified organic, biodynamic when possible. Have you noticed that their wines don’t have the official DO Ribeiro stamp on them? That’s because they don’t acidify and also because their ABV is “too low” to be approved (11%). This is their Brancellao, one of their most rare single-varietal wines. Described as dainty, thin framed, soft spoken and subtly powerful. It’s equally as compelling as the other wines in their range of reds but its charm flows ceaselessly from the first sniff and sip. Spends less than 6 months in their classic 100+ year old neutral Chestnut foudre. Reminds us of perhaps Poulsard from Jura. Served with a slight chill and incredibly drinkable.

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