MicroBio Wines "Nieva York Sparkling Blanc" 2018

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Ismael Gozalo, and his wild kingdom of Verdejo are capturing everyone's attention both in the natural wine world and beyond at some of the most contemporary (and michelin starred) restaurants. Here we have a fresh new release of his petnat wines, wines that are Ancestral fermented, bottled under a crown-cap and bubbly. After visiting NYC he fell in love with our wild bon vivant wine culture and was determined to make a wine to celebrate this. You can see this on the label and name - which feature the Brooklyn Bridge superimposed with the famous aqueduct in Segovia. Nieva is the town he is from in Spain, and a play on “New” York. This wine is fun, fizzy, cloudy, un-filtered, unsulfured, and incredibly refreshing to drink. Notes of lemon and some citrus fruits mix in with a tad touch of funk. The perfect bottle to always have cold in your fridge all summer long.

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