Bodegas Otazu Genios de Otazu

Bodegas Otazu Genios de Otazu #1 David Magán 2016, Navarra

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The Genios de Otazu collaboration was born out of a dialogue between the creative universe and the world of wine. 

Since the 2016 vintage, Bodega Otazu has worked with artists during the winemaking process, from harvest to bottle. As part of this interpretation, each artist designs a special label and case for the bottle.  Each artist also reimagines an essential tool in the process of winemaking: the wine barrel.  The pieces become part of the permanent collection of the Otazu Foundation at the winery in Navarra.

David Magán, the inaugural artist selected for the 2016 cuvee, is a sculptor and designer from Madrid who is focused on the relationships between structures in space depending on location.

The label and case for Genios de Otazu #1 is based on an isometric perspective, geometric modules where light changes depending on the angle like a kaleidoscope.  For the barrel, David deconstructed the standard wine barrel as a transparent, almost virtual vessel, one where the dynamic elements of light change depending on the position of the viewer.  The piece is named ”The secret behind the barrel.”

The David Magán cuvée is made from merlot and cabernet sauvignon grapes selected from special pagos, hand harvested and aged for 15 months in new French oak barrels and 18 months in bottle for this limited edition collection (signed and numbered with a methacrylate case).

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