Bodegas Otazu Genios de Otazu

Bodegas Otazu Genios de Otazu #2 Pablo Armesto 2017, Navarra

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The Genios de Otazu collaboration was born out of a dialogue between the creative universe and the world of wine. 

Since the 2016 vintage, Bodega Otazu has worked with artists during the winemaking process, from harvest to bottle. As part of this interpretation, each artist designs a special label and case for the bottle.  Each artist also reimagines an essential tool in the process of winemaking: the wine barrel.  The pieces become part of the permanent collection of the Otazu Foundation at the winery in Navarra.

For Genios de Otazu #2, Pablo Armesto, a Swiss painter and graphic designer who lives in Asturias, was tapped for the 2017 vintage.

As part of exploratory research into the elements of light, Pablo created a floating wine barrel, “the spirit of wine” fitted with LED lights, symbolizing the energy of the people at the bodega. The label is designed with retro-luminescent ink that glows in the dark.

“The objects are also impregnated by the soul, the effort, the illusion, just like the wine. So part of your life or part of the people interacting with the piece, also leave their mark on them.” - Pablo Armesto

The Pable Armesto cuvée is made with cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and tempranillo grapes selected from special pagos, hand harvested and aged for 18 months in new French oak barrels for this limited edition collection (signed and numbered with a special case).

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