Los Bermejos Diego Seco 2023, Lanzarote

Los Bermejos Diego Seco 2023, Lanzarote

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Ignacio Valdera · moonscape · since 2001

From Los Bermejos winery on eastern Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, where fierce tradewinds, low rainfall, and constant sunshine are just some of the conditions that have to be overcome to produce the low yields of concentrated indigenous grapes.  Each vine must be planted in a hole (hoyo) underneath the ash (picon), and for added protection from the wind, encircled by rock walls.    A citrus and mineral burst from a native grape that survives the extreme conditions of eastern Lanzarote.  Exotic pear, smoky salt, tingly and spicy.

D.O. Lanzarote        

Grapes: Diego Seco

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