Menu's All Set, What to Drink?

Special Note from Despaña Vinos Y Más Shop Manager - Kathleen Hall Smith

Thanksgiving dinner presents a special challenge in wine pairing.  Think about the foods you will be serving for Thanksgiving: tangy/sweet cranberry sauce, herbal chestnut stuffing, rich butternut squash soup, creamy mashed potatoes, vegetal/buttery green beans, salty roasted turkey, savory turkey gravy …. so many contradictory flavors and textures!   Which wine should you choose? 

You will need a wine with medium to high acidity to cut through the fatty/creamy textures.  A wine not too high in tannins because that will overwhelm the mild flavors of turkey.  A wine with an abundance of fruity flavors to complement/counterbalance the sweet side dishes.  The answer is: there is no ONE wine!  It’s all a matter of personal preference -- and the key is to pick versatile wines that will harmonize with the many flavors of the meal.  The key to wine & food pairing is Balance and Harmony.

That being said, you must remember that wine pairing is highly subjective to a taster’s preferences.  The BEST wine to pair with a meal is whatever wine a taster likes – no matter what!