Knock It Down!


For a classic one-two punch this holiday season, look no further than Castilla y León.  Mix it up with your guests next time you entertain with verdejo from Rueda, and tinto fino from Ribera del Duero.

Verdejo makes for young, fresh everyday wines, and when given the lees and barrel-aged treatment, there is also great opportunity for cellaring.  Verdejo showcases bright acidity, richness, complexity, and minerality. Herbal and citrusy, with a variety of textures ranging from light and bright on the palate to weighty and mouth-filling.      

The wines of Ribera del Duero are majestic like the castillos (castles) spread across the landscape, symbols of strength, richness and structure.  The young reds are food versatile, especially for charred, crisped, caramelized, spicy, and savory dishes.   The full-bodied complexity of tinto fino offers lively acidity and ripe, muscular dark fruit, dried fig, vanilla and cassis.  The luxurious elegance of barrel-aged tinto fino is tailor made for great aging potential, cellar worthy wines for the collector.

The viticultores share a common philosophy – that the climate, soils, and growing conditions give these wines their distinctive character – true expressions of the terruños of the Ribera del Duero and Rueda.

Ribera y Rueda – a knockout combination