Suertes del Marques

Suertes del Marqués

Suertes del Marqués is a winery in Tenerife dedicated to the unique viticulture on the north side of the island in the Valle de Orotava.  Headed by Jonatan García Lima, over 11 hectares of heritage vineyards ranging from 300-750 m above sea level are cultivated.  In addition, Jonatan works with other local grape growers in the continued development of the native varietals and the land.

Many of the vines are pre-phylloxera, with some ranging from 100 to 200 years in age.  A majority of the pie franco (ungrafted) vines are trellis trained using the cordón trenzado method, where the vines stretch out several feet away in wooden braids while remaining tethered to the mother trunks.  Jonatan is resolved in the preservation of this unique style of vineyard management on the slopes of Pico del Teide.

Native island grapes such as listán blanco and negro, malvasia, tintilla, vijariego, and baboso negro are the focus.  Many of the wines are single parcel.

Due to the high elevation of Pico del Teide, cool climate and varying soil compositions, the wines are full of freshness, purity and volcanic minerality.

Hand harvested, partial destemming, indigenous yeast fermentations in concrete vats and 500L French oak foudres. Min. fining, filtration and SO2.

Atlantic, volcanic island wines of finesse and texture.

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3 artículos